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August 5, 2020

Michael Holmes and Bobby Mehan

Darryl chats with Chief Strategy Officer Michel Holmes and CEO Bobby Mehan of Shareable Forms to talk about all things forms (but really soooo much more). Practices face the dreaded paper forms every day, from patient intake to clinical notes and it tends to be a problem with record keeping. Where do you keep them, do you currently have to scan them in, the paper piles up and up and up. Well, Shareable Forms has digitized this process in a rather brilliant way. They might not be the first but they have definitely perfected it. Plus you can tell these guys love talking about what they do, it's kinda infectious. 

They also ask the question - is it an EHR or not? Well, yes, but also much more. 

Listen in and they chat about, forms, their philosophy on helping practices and surgery centers large and small and they even drop a groundbreaking bombshell towards the end of the episode (honestly what they disclose is quite amazing and deserves its own podcast). 

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