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Redshift Installation Package for HealthX MD

If you are on this page, it's because you have arrived looking to download the zipped folder containing the installation file that installs the beta version of Redshift we use to support HealthX MD.

Click here to download the file.


Depending on the contents of the laptop/desktop you are using, you MAY need to install a .NET Desktop Runtime kit (version 3.1 or later).  If you install Redshift and this kit has not already been installed on this computer, you will be offered a chance to install that file from the web and it will send you to the following webpage:

Download .NET Core 3.1 (Linux, macOS, and Windows) (


On the right column you will see .NET Desktop Runtime 3.1.19 section (the most current version) and it comes with two installation options - x64 and x86.  Click on the x64 installation link and let it do its thing.  If you are doing this before you install Redshift, you can now run that installation without issues.  If you start the installation before you install the .Net runtime files, you will need to restart the Redshift installation process again.


Once downloaded, open the zipped folder and execute the installation file.  You will likely have to deal with one or two security windows.

Use the defaults to let the installation complete.  It will add an icon to your desktop for Redshift.  If you have any issues with the installation, please contact Shawn Simon at


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