"Transitioning our ASC to Shareable Forms was seamless. We had a dedicated team that was with us every step of the way to ensure that my team was set up for success. I’ve never had an experience with another company that was as personal and professional. They truly care about making this product work successfully with minimal disruption to the flow of surgery.  In an ophthalmic ASC, timing is critical and you cannot have a software that slows you down.  Shareable Forms not only has kept the same level of efficiency in our ASC during surgery, it has reduced our administrative prep time by 30% and post-surgery auditing time by 70%.  Shareable Forms has truly been a game changer for us in our surgery center and I’d highly recommend this product to any ASC that is still using paper charts."

- Carrie Jacobs, Executive Vice President of Operations

"Ophthalmic Surgery Center For Sight recently moved to the Shareable Forms platform.  The Shareable platform allows you to put your forms on an iPad and you are paperless. By doing away with paper charting, duplicating the same information over and over again becomes a thing of the past.  The Shareable team works with you to ensure the onboarding process goes smoothly.  The team members are all very capable and professional in every way.  They were on site for our go live day and have been incredibly supportive throughout the conversion.  The platform has been a cost saving with the reduced paper cost and decreased clinical labor.  I highly recommend Shareable Forms!"

- M. Jayne Bacot, Director of Nursing and Surgical Services

"In an effort to create a customized EMR system for our surgery center, we transitioned to Shareable Forms.  The Shareable Forms team worked tirelessly to ensure that our EMR was customized to our surgery center needs.  Their ability to create templates that are unique to your company's needs is outstanding.  The staff are all very knowledgeable in the processes required to establish a seamless EMR system.  They stand behind their product and continue to offer outstanding support anytime I have questions, need changes or have technical issues that I am unable to resolve.  The Shareable Form platform is easy to navigate and has tremendously improved our cost in paper use and time spent on medical record maintenance.  If you are looking for a EMR system that is created exclusively for your practice needs, I highly recommend Shareable Forms."

- Christy Hutto, RN and Director of Nursing

"Working with the Shareable team has been an absolute pleasure as they have worked with our global team to create a truly customized platform to support the complex design of our international hospital programs and our patient care during our field work. Their technology has worked in very low resource settings in Africa & Asia and our volunteers have been able to learn & use the system within minutes of turning on the iPad. This impressive team & product have met every expectation and challenge that we placed in front of them."


- Hunter Cherwek, MD