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 improves patient care 

and profitability by creating 

smart digital forms that increase accuracy, security and data management without interrupting your facility.


Almost nothing has to change with Shareable. We take the things that you already love and we make them work better for your practice. 


Imagine paper forms that ask smart questions, prevent mistakes, and access patient information throughout the process of care. 


Time is money, and our digital forms save time in all areas of treatment, documentation, coding, and billing. 


Connected healthcare improves the lives of patients and clinicians and that is what we at Shareable do best.


Technology connected to healthcare.

Custom Shareable Form viewed on the iPad. The Anesthesia Record is used to collect data real time at the point of care. The data is stored securely and discretely.

Never feel alone with Shareable. Our support 

team, housed right here

in Georgia, is always available to help. 


Streamline your clinical, financial, and administrative workflow, with our

award-winning revenue management application.


Implementing an AIMS can be an enormous task that can take years.  Shareable makes life simple with our simple implementation process. 


We protect your patient information throughout the process of care and with end to end data encryptions your data is safe, even when you're offline. 


Are you ready? With data capture, required fields and integrations, MACRA compliance will be simple this year with Shareable.  


New levels of efficiency and accuracy can be attained in your practice with these comprehensive data and analytic tools. 

Feature List

​    Application

  • 100% customizable form generation

  • Intuitive electronic touch charting

  • Intelligent data population across forms

  • Multiple users accessing case simultaneously

  • Clinical lexicon dictionaries

  • Automated hard stops and alerts

  • Custom case and form templates

  • Customizable integrations

  • Intelligent voice dictation

  • Batch signing functionality

  • Form completion in online and offline mode

  • Intelligent case tracking

  • Comprehensive anesthesia monitoring module

  • Role based user access

  • Ability to add, modify, or cancel cases within app

  • In-app text messaging between providers

  • Air-print enabled for print on demand
  • Point of care image capture

  • Barcode/QR code scanning for patient and products

  • Production and testing environments

​    EMR

  • ONC certified EMR tailored to perioperative healthcare systems

  • Cloud-based solution

  • Integrations with PM, EHR/EMR and RCM systems

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • End to End Encryption

    Administrative Tools​

  • Mobile-optimized web dashboard

  • Remote patient scheduling

  • Patient Registration

  • Secure Messaging

  • Appointment Reminders

  • Patient Education

  • Add/edit/remove providers from dashboard

  • Manage user rights and privileges

  • Real-time access to clinical records and patient forms

  • Search/Filter by providers, dates, patients or forms

  • Custom Data Reports and Data Analytics

  • Patient Portal forms sent to patient prior to visit


ShareableFORMS has built connections across the complex world of healthcare. Our software solution integrates easily with dozens of other EHR, EMR, and billing solutions.  

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