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In the Surgery Center

Forms are Critical

Paper Is Not


Unlock the Power of Your Clinical Forms by Eliminating Paper & Making Them Shareable

We help ambulatory surgery centers:
Cut Costs
Reduce Data Entry and Error
Connect Data and Systems
Eliminate Redundancy
Streamline Workflow
Store in the Cloud
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“Traditional paper management from a surgical chart perspective is a burden that pushes people toward costly and inflexible EMR systems. We teamed up with ShareableFORMS, and my team loves it.”

- Chuck Williamson, CEO Williamson Eye Center


Your Forms
Made Shareable

  • Paper forms on an iPad

  • User-friendly templates for fast and easy data entry

  • Co-Pilot function to ensure complete documentation

  • Vitals tracking for patient encounters

  • Stored securely in the cloud

  • Instant access for your entire team

  • Easy chart review, documentation and signing

How to Make Your Practice a Shareable Practice

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See if we are a good fit
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Make your forms ShareableFORMS
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Experience what Shareable means for your practice

What is Paper Actually Costing You? 

Change is hard. We all like to be able to fall back on a proven process because it is there for us like a warm blanket. But what is it costing you to keep hold of those paper forms?

At Shareable, we know your forms are critical. But, the paper is holding you back and costing you more. We have created this quick assessment to help you see what paper is actually costing you. 

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Your Paper Forms are Critical
but are they Shareable? 

Make the Smart Decision for Your Practice With Shareable Forms

Affiliations & Certifications 

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