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Blood on Your Forms!

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

There is blood on your forms and chaos in the OR! What are you doing about it?

90% of ASC's out there are in a workflow "purgatory" and don't even know it. If you knew you were throwing away thousands of dollars each month and jeopardizing your patient care, would you act? Of course, you would!

"Injury or illness caused by the healer is called iatrogenic harm. It’s so widespread, so frequent, so massive, and so continuous that it rarely makes headlines. And unlike a plane crash or a building collapse, the vast majority of iatrogenic deaths can be kept under wraps — and they are."

- Michael J. Saks, Professor of Law at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University

The purpose of documenting each patient encounter is to standardize your best practices, provide a framework for learning about patient outcomes, maximize and make accurate your billing methods, and to avoid making mistakes that might injure or negatively affect your patient.

And these days, with staffing problems, supply chain issues, inflation, etc. now more than ever we should be implementing more innovative ways to combat growing healthcare costs and reduce OR waste. To help solve this problem, ShareableFORMS is partnering with the ASCA, OOSS, AAAASF, and many more strategic industry partners to build a better frictionless clinical documentation workflow.

One of the biggest misnomers in the ASC market is the "electronic health record." Our team has found in the last decade most ASC's really are "manumated." They are using technology, but with manual inputs, thus causing internal hemorrhage for the OR. Most ASC's pain tolerance has become so high due to competing priorities that they don’t even know they are standing in a pool of blood!

ShareableFORMS offers the ability to unlock the power of your forms by adding structure to data entry, making sure data is properly and completely captured, and integrating your content with data aggregators to build the pool of data necessary to globally improve patient outcomes. We are dedicating the next several months to giving ASCs better access to their own data to learn from their own actions. This gives ASCs better value and patients a greater sense of security as they undergo surgical procedures.

-- Bobby Mehan, Chief Executive Officer

To learn more about how ShareableFORMS can unlock the power of your forms, say hello to Austin at:


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