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Oh, the places you will go!!!

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

As I transition out of my role in Operations to full-time Sales, I'd like to welcome the newest member of the ShareableFORMS' family: Holly O'Hare. While introducing a new team member is always exciting it is seldom also flattering. It's not every day one gets to realize the value hiring a former customer brings to the organization:

  1. "Street Cred": None of us on the Shareable team brings the amount of credibility and trustworthiness as Holly does. As she's been with the product since the retired pen technology, she brings to the table a rich historical perspective all her own. Coupled with her RN degree and her years of leadership at Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City, she should give any customer or prospect an immediate level of comfort and trust.

  2. A "barometer reading" of service: Holly's interest in joining ShareableFORMS and going from customer to colleague to me says a lot about the integrity of the Product and the level of service we are offering our customers. If these two organizational pillars were not present and strong, I would not be writing this blog.

In conclusion, I think we've been paid a huge compliment and are receiving a gift in the hiring of our newest COO, Holly O'Hare. I know the service side of organization is in great hands and Holly will surely surpass all of our expectations and make us sharper in both our delivery and accountability.

-- Charlie Lefort, Chief Growth Officer

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