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ShareableFORMS Helps ASCs Be More Competitive

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

I read with interest an article about competition in the world of Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs). The author interviewed seven different leaders, who provided different viewpoints as to the types of things that ASCs could do to stand out in field that is growing by leaps and bounds throughout the United States.

Suggestions included methods to modify hiring practices of staffs, ways to prove that ASCs provided the same levels of safety and outcomes as traditional hospitals at lower costs, better collaboration between practices and surgical centers, and finding ways to improve the patient experience. Ultimately, however, nearly every CEO or administrator suggested that there were needs to find more efficiencies in how healthcare is provided to the patient – either in terms of time or costs.

ShareableFORMS already provides ways for practices and ASCs to be more efficient. Our product reduces wasted paper, speeds up data entry, and makes your patient documentation more accurate. One of our clients recently said that shifting to ShareableFORMS saved them 70% when compared to the costs of paper chart management.

Well, we also believe that we need to improve our game and help ASCs be more efficient in other ways, too. So, our new development timeline for 2022 will focus on things that will make our iPad application faster and more efficient for our users.

Right away, we can help ASCs be more efficient in the way they access data about returning patients. So, look forward to enhancements meant to bring even more past experience data forward into returning patient charts. And, we’re adding the ability for staff to quickly retrieve old charts within the current procedure, something that surely will be a time saver for ASC staff.

Then, we will turn our attention to security and multiple site and practice access routines. If we can give you back time when administrating systems while making data more secure, we need to do that for our clients.

This summer, we’re going to spend time reviewing how patient data is accessed within the application, because we believe we can make patient data access even more instantaneous. We already started this by changing the way we move data from servers to iPads. Now, we can take advantage of these changes by simplifying the way you use our applications.

And while all this is going on, we’re totally revamping the way we access the entirety of your patient data so YOU can instantaneously access practice and procedure activity over time. That way, administrators can find their own opportunities for improving outputs and efficiencies based on their own enterprise patient care history.

If ShareableFORMS can reduce the time spent finding or entering information, and give you ways to learn from your data, then you can provide world class care to patients at a lower cost. We challenge you to put us to the test and see if we all can’t be more efficient this year – together!

-- Paul Proia, Vice President of Product and Special Projects

To learn more about how ShareableFORMS can unlock the power of your forms, say hello to Austin Riddaugh at:


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