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The Power of the Stylus

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Let’s face it, physicians love to scribble.

Yes, we all know their handwriting can be almost illegible but if we are being honest, writing is a very effective way to quickly jot things relevant to patient care without having to depend upon anything other than a writing instrument.

So, what happens to writing and drawing when you introduce ShareableFORMS, a solution that takes away paper and places it onto an iPad? Until now, the answer relied on native iPad keyboards or dictation efforts. But we listened to our providers who continuously asked to be able to return to writing and, alas, have developed a solution!

ShareableFORMS is proud to announce its latest development effort: iPad drawing/writing. This new feature allows the compatibly to effortlessly write on any portion of any form. The way it works is that we configure a specific area of a form where you can draw on it. When you click on that area, a box opens allowing you to draw on that area. When done, you close the box and your drawing or notes are saved to the form.

As ShareableFORMS has expanded into other medical specialties, requests for the ability to write and draw on a digitized form have been constant. Thus, as much as it makes sense to remove the paper floating throughout a facility, providers don’t necessarily want to forfeit the freedom and speed with which they can document by hand. Now with our latest version they don’t have to.

-- Charlie Lefort, President and Chief Operating Officer

To learn more about how ShareableFORMS can unlock the power of your forms, say hello to Austin Riddaugh, Vice President of Business Development at:


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