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What Makes a Perfect Deployment?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Last April, as I finished supporting the ShareableFORMS deployment with the Idaho SurgiCenter in Pocatello, ID, my initial thought was, "Wow, that was a pretty solid deployment!"

However, instead of bragging about why ShareableFORMS is a great fit for people in the Ambulatory Surgery Center space (and we are: an easy to learn product, a great price, connected and connectable, and an excellent support system to get you rolling), I thought I would instead talk about what makes a great deployment from the ShareableFORMS side so future clients will get the most out of their integration experience, too.

1. Prepare to spend a lot of time going over your forms.

If you are digitizing your paper forms, the likelihood is that your office has been using the same forms for years. Lots of years. This will be the first time that your staff will have a chance to rethink the way you capture patient interaction content. And, with our forms being interactive you might find that you can change your forms - removing this and adding that or adding new forms or removing other forms entirely.

It's okay to rework your documentation process - just know that we all will spend a good chunk of time creating, revising, testing, and otherwise messing with your forms. So long as you understand, up front, that this can be a couple of weeks or more depending on the number of forms you use and how many times you see an opportunity to change something, we're happy to do it - but it may take a little longer than you think.

2. You're going to want to do a dry run.

Not everyone will be ready for a change in your office. Things will look and feel a little different. So, the best thing you can do for this is get everyone ready by taking Shareable Forms for a solid test drive before you go live. Practice using actual patient data in our staging environment and let as many people as possible use iPads.

3. Bring a "We can do this..." attitude to that first day.

I remember Amy Pearson at ASC of Brevard on her first day - she sped around the OR and prep areas ready to answer questions or provide on the spot training. She headed off any fears before they had a chance to settle in. And, a ShareableFORMS person was on site to help answer questions or relay immediate modification requirements back to development. At Idaho SurgiCenter, Sean Barnard and Julie Buffalo were really familiar with the process and could handle any questions from the staff or doctors. The anesthesiologist was literally trained two minutes prior to a procedure to get started, and then coached along the way. It went perfectly.

4. As you use the product, make a note of every time something goes right.

There is never a bad time to reinforce why you chose the system you have. Point out the victories - speed, efficiency, some cost saving - so that other users share in your sense of success.

ShareableFORMS is committed to being a part of your success - so reach out if you want to learn more.

-- Paul Proia, Vice President of Product and Special Projects

To learn more about how ShareableFORMS can unlock the power of your forms, say hello to Austin at:


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